Maxi-Bolt Installation Kits

Available Installation Kits for the Maxi-Bolt Anchor

Drillco now packages commonly used Maxi-Bolt installation equipment into kits. Each kit comes in its own handy container allowing the user to keep all necessary tools in one convenient place. While each kit has a recommended complement of installation tools for a particular size and type of Maxi-Bolt, you may customize any kit by adding to the quantity of any item or by dropping items you may not need.

There are two bacic types of kits:

  1. Type A kits which come complete with a roto-hammer or core drill machine, and
  2. Type B kits which do not include the drilling equipment.

The following Type A kits are available for standard, stud-type Maxi-Bolts:

  • MB-250-KITA for 1/4" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-375-KITA for 3/8" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-500-KITA for 1/2" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-625-KITA for 5/8" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-750-KITA for 3/4" Maxi-Bolts

  • MBH-500-KITA for 1/2" (Heavy) Maxi-Bolts

The following Type B kits are available for standard, stud-type Maxi-Bolts:

  • MB-250-KITB for 1/4" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-375-KITB for 3/8" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-500-KITB for 1/2" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-625-KITB for 5/8" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-750-KITB for 3/4" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-1000-KITB for 1" Maxi-Bolts

  • MB-1250-KITB for 1 1/4" Maxi-Bolts

  • MBH-500-KITB for 1/2" (Heavy) Maxi-Bolts

Kits available for flush mount Maxi-Bolts include:

  • FMB-375-KITA for 3/8" Flush Mount Maxi-Bolts

  • FMB-500-KITA for 1/2" Flush Mount Maxi-Bolts

  • FMB-625-KITA for 5/8" Flush Mount Maxi-Bolts

  • FMB-750-KITA for 3/4" Flush Mount Maxi-Bolts

  • FMBH-500-KITA for 1/2" (Heavy) Flush Mount Maxi-Bolts

  • FMB-1000-KITB for 1" Flush Mount Maxi-Bolts

  • FMB-1250-KITB for 1 1/4" Flush Mount Maxi-Bolts

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