Anchor Bolt Removal System

The cost effective system for the removal and replacement of all types of anchor bolts!

Drillco has supplied drills and equipment to remove anchors since 1978. Whether you need to remove large embedded anchors or small wedge anchors, Drillco has the tools you need. We also remove anchors on a contract basis.

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  1. Substantial cost savings.
  2. Fast removal of failed anchors.
  3. Upgrade supports and attachments in place.
  4. Utilize existing holes.
  5. Eliminates spalling and damage to concrete.

Easy Two Step Removal System

Now expansion anchors may be quickly and easily removed and replaced without the need to take down existing attachments or to provide temporary supports. Drillco's ultra thin wall Bolt Extractors® overdrill the existing expansion anchor and leave a resulting hole sized to accept a replacement anchor only 1/8" larger than the one removed. For example, a 1/2" wedge bolt may be drilled out and a 5/8" wedge bolt substituted in its place. Or, a wedge bolt may be drilled out and replaced with a Drillco Maxi-Bolt® all in one easy operation. Since the existing anchors are drilled out, no concrete spalling results from the replacement process. Drillco Plate Cutters® are used to provide the proper hole size in the attachment.

Enlarging Hole Diameter in Plate

Enlarging Hole Diameter in Plate

With a Drillco hand held drilling unit, drill over the existing bolt with the appropriate Plate Cutter®. The bolt to be removed will serve as a guide to center the Plate Cutter®. Apply constant pressure to the tool, using water to lubricate the bit. A 1" thick steel plate will take approximately 3 to 5 minutes to drill through.

Bolt Extraction

Bolt Extraction

Utilizing the same drilling machine, place the Bolt Extractor Bit® over the existing bolt. With water flowing , drill through the concrete using the existing anchor bolt as a guide.
When removing expansion anchors, drill until the wedges of the anchor have been cut approximately 1/2" to 3/4" through. Remove Bolt Extractor® with the expansion anchor intact. If required, the same Bolt Extractor® may be used to drill the proper depth.
When removing a J-Bolt, drill until the angle portion of the bolt has been cut. Remove J-Bolt and continue drilling to proper depth. Bolt extraction takes approximately 15 minutes.

Installation of Replacement Anchor Bolt

The removal of existing anchors maintains the outside diameter of holes capable of accepting replacement anchors. The installation of these anchors should follow the manufacturers recommendations.
Drillco highly recommends the use of Maxi-Bolts® as replacement anchors due to their consistent superior performance. Why replace a failed anchor with the same system when you can have the absolute confidence that only the Drillco Maxi-Bolt® provides?

Products & Equipment

Drillco provides the Bolt Removal System for removal and replacement of all types of anchor bolts. Since many combinations are possible, Drillco offers this system in kits for many applications. For your convenience, each kit contains the necessary Bolt Extractors®, Plate Cutters®, and Centering Guides, as well as a detailed Bolt Removal Procedure.

Kit Selection

  1. Maxi-Bolt® Anchors-Replacing Self-Drilled Anchors.
  2. Maxi-Bolt® Anchors-Replacing Sleeve Anchors.
  3. Maxi-Bolt® Anchors-Replacing Wedge Anchors.
  4. Maxi-Bolt® Anchors-Replacing J-Bolts.

Drilling Equipment

  1. D3310-60, Drillco Flex Shaft Drilling Machine.
  2. D3315, Drill Stand complete with vacuum pump and vacuum pad for use with the D3310-60 when holding machine by hand is impractical.
  3. DRA-900, Right Angle Air Drilling Machine.
  4. MAG-1000, Magnetic Water Boot for use on metal plates.
  5. DS-69A, Drill Stop Box with over-voltage protection.

A. Plate Cutter®: Designed for cutting stell plate in place. Eliminates the need to remove plate.
B. Bolt Extractor®: Specially designed ultra thin wall core bit for use in removing and replacing anchor bolts.

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