The World Leader in Concrete Anchoring, Specialty Drilling and Cutting Equipment for Over 50 Years.

Our versatility in the drilling and fastening industry has enabled us to develop a variety of unique products that are used by Nuclear and Power Companies all over the world.

Featured Products

Maxi-Bolt Anchor

Maxi-Bolt Undercut, Non-Slip Anchors

The patented undercut anchor that is used in the nuclear and power industry for vibratory and seismic conditions as well as being an alternative to cast-in place anchors.

TLN Piranha

TLN Piranha Blade

If you liked the TL Piranha diamond blade, you're going to love the New and Improved TLN Piranha

Quick Silver Diamond Blade

All-Pro Quick Silver Diamond Blade

Finally, a diamond blade that cuts it all. (Finalmente un disco que verdaderamente corta todo.)
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DS-69A Drill Stop Box

DS-69A Drill Stop Box

The DS-69A provides fast and reliable solid state switching to reestablish the ground connection in cases where an external, energized line is encountered. The DS-69A also prevents the accidental cutting of reinforcing bar, conduit, and post-tensioned cables.

Rebar Eater

Rebar Eater

Drillco's patented Rebar Eater quickly and efficiently cuts holes of up to 2" diameter in heavily reinforced concrete.

Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the United States of America

Drillco National Group is also a manufacturer of quality diamond products and drilling machines. All of our equipment is subjected to a rigorous quality control program to insure optimum performance and customer satisfaction.

Jobsite Examples

See some examples from the hundreds of demanding applications in which the Maxi-Bolt has been used.

What Our Customers Say

Frank George

Duane Arnold

I should probably wait until I get your final bill before I send out a good guy letter but I was just so impressed with you guys I did not want to wait in case I might forget something. Please pass along my sentiments to your company that I am very pleased with your professionalism in the face of adversity, the tight holes you had to work in without complaint, your ingenuity to overcome obstacles, your patience with our design group, and your tenacity to see the project through to the end. You and Sonny are a class act and I look forward to working with you again. Thanks for everything.

Mark Milhoan

South Texas Project

As you know by now, our 2RE08 outage has completed with much success. The Drillco items that we used performed flawlessly. We appreciate the continued support that we recieved from John ( Drillco John) Sciandra. He was always just a phone call away, and gave us support when needed. His training that he gave our craftsmen, nodoubt, led the meeting of our goals. I'll continue to expound on the merits of Drillco to the people / clients that I will be dealing with. Thanks again for a job well done! 

No matter how unique your drilling or fastening application may be, Drillco National Group has the answer.

If our web site does not answer your questions, please feel free to call our headquarters where there is always a civil engineer or concrete cutting expert on hand to answer your questions.

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