Drilling Accessories


D-125 & D-500 Vacuum Pump and Pad Assembly

The purpose of the vacuum pump and pad assembly it twofold. First, the pad provides a stable support for developing a vacuum of approximately 27.5 inches Hg., the pump suctions the machine to the drilling surface so strongly that no other bracing is required. By using the vacuum pump and pad, a quick, simple drilling set-up can be achieved. The only difference between the D-125 and D-500 assemblies lies in the fact that the pad for the D-500 will accommodate a larger drill stand base.


Water Tank

  • Portable water source 3-1/2 gallon capacity pressurized tank.
  • 3/4" male brass garden hose fitting on tank.
  • Comes standard with a 3/8" id 5' rubber hose & 1/4" petcock
  • C-5000: Shaft Reducing Coupling.1-1/4"-7" Female to 5/8"-11 Male.
  • ER-5811-6: 5/8"-11" x 6" Extension.
  • ER-125-6: 1-1/4"-7" x 6" Extension.
  • ER-125-12: 1-1/4"-7" x 12" Extension.
  • C-5500: Step Up Coupling. 5/8"-11" Female to 1-1/4"-7" Male.

Overhead Collector Ring

Used for overhead and horizontal drilling. Completely contains water and debris in housing. Water and debris are channeled through a 3/4" rubber hose. Attach wet vac to hose for best results. Comes complete with vacuum pump. Pump is used to suck housing to surface. Specify drill diameter when ordering.

Part nbr.
Collector Ring
Overhead Collector up to 2" dia.
Overhead Collector 2-1/2" to 4"
Wet Vac
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