Hilti Core Bit Retipping 

Now You Can Get a Like New Hilti Core Bit at a Fraction of the Cost of an Entirely New Bit


When your diamond core bit wears out it's really just the diamond cutting segments that need to be replaced. The core barrel and permanent "quick-connection" adapter to the core drill motor are usually in great condition. Why throw all that value in the trash? Now your can replace just the diamond segments on your existing bit and get a "like new" bit for less than half the cost of a new one. Simply call us and arrange to have your old bit picked up.
We'll pay the freight both ways. And, there's no charge to you if for any reason we can't rework your bit.

EMail (bdrills1@yahoo.com) or Call Bill at (800) 388-1052 to get the Savings below.

2" $260.95 $124.00 $136.95
2 1/2" $340.42 $151.00 $189.42
3" $390.18 $168.00 $222.18
3 1/2" $454.73 $189.00 $265.73
4" $520.64 $217.00 $303.64
5" $588.99 $278.00 $310.99
6" $718.22 $315.00 $403.22

Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the United States of America

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