Date:September 28, 2000
From:William M Griffin
Duke Power
To:Kenneth D Thomas
Duke Power

During week two of the outage, I was responsible for escorting a vendor, Bill Simone from Drillco National Group Inc. Bill had extensive knowledge of CBP motor mounting frame maxi-bolt installation. This required precision drilling of 12 bolt holes 1-1/2" by 14" deep into concrete for each CBP motor frame. Even though this job was practiced on a mock-up in the parking lot previous to this time, there was frequent confusion and unexpected problems during the initial set-up of the drilling equipment, on uneven surfaces, and subsequent drilling of the holes. Any alignment mistakes in this area would result in excessive time consuming rework. The vendor provided immediate corrective advice and sometimes hands-on support to the ESS crew doing the job. There were plans to release him after the first day. I saw the amount of time he was saving the crews with on-the-spot advice and support, and relayed that time-saving information to Donnie Lawing. Donnie was very receptive to this coaching input and decided to keep him until at least one of the CBP motor mounts was completely in place, which took an additional 16-hour day, which he worked straight through. He also helped start the maxi-bolt drilling for 2B CBP motor mount.

I believe this not only saved us time, as the job was completed ahead of schedule, but also money. The ESS crews did an excellent job, but needed the vendor support on this job which was working with equipment and a special job that they were not very familiar with. I believe this allowed the ESS crews to move to other jobs a couple days ahead of schedule.

In addition, because of the benefits of having the vendor's expertise, Donnie has requested his return for this same need on our U-1 CBP motor replacement job next outage. Initially, they were not considering the need for vendor support on this U-1 job.

I highly recommend using Bill Simone's expertise during 1EOC-14 outage for his technical experience and support on the U-1 CBP motor replacement jobs.

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