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The World Leader in concrete anchoring, specialty drilling and cutting equipment for over 30 years.
Maxi-Bolt Undercut, Non-Slip Anchors
The patented undercut anchor that is used in the nuclear and power industry for vibratory and seismic conditions as well as being an alternative to cast-in place anchors.
New and Improved TLN-Piranha Blade
If you liked the TL Piranha diamond blade, you're going to love the New and Improved TLN Piranha
All Pro Quick Silver Blade
All Pro Quick Silver en Espaņol
Finally, a diamond blade that cuts it all. (Finalmente un disco que verdaderamente corta todo.)
DS-69A Drill Stop Box
The DS-69A provides fast and reliable solid state switching to reestablish the ground connection in cases where an external, energized line is encountered. The DS-69A also prevents the accidental cutting of reinforcing bar, conduit, and post-tensioned cables.
Rebar Eaters
Drillco's patented Rebar Eater quickly and efficiently cuts holes of up to 2" diameter in heavily reinforced concrete.

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